• I lead by example

    Happy bountiful November! This month we explore the idea of compassion, and living a fulfilling life.

    You can live a life with confidence and compassion more readily if you walk your talk. Black Belt excellence is meant to extend beyond the dojo. How do you lead by example and experience personal excellence? Take a moment and acknowledge the friends and family that support you- do you show them your best side? Do you think, speak and act in a positive manner?

    Your NPMAC dojo is a place you can rely on to help you achieve Black Belt excellence and discover a fulfilling life. This is an empowering place to safely experience modesty and confidence. You will leave feeling re-charged and ready to assist others in their personal quest for excellence.

    Recognize your teachers this month- all of them! Be mindful, teachers take many forms. Sometimes what appears to be a negative experience is an opportunity to recognize your strengths.

    Your task this month is to answer the following questions:

    “What was one great lesson I learned from what I call a negative encounter?”

    Happy Thanksgiving!