• Learning Self-Defense – Marivic

    Two weeks ago, I enrolled Nicholas and Nathan in a martial arts class that I think is amazing. Knowing how to respond to bullies is part of the learning curriculum. So far, in EVERY class, the boys have had to practice what they would do if someone bullied them. What I love, is that the teachers absolutely do not want them to engage in a fight. The emphasis is using words. The teachers will pretend to be the bullies in the class, and the kids are taught to put their hands up as a shield and yell with a strong voice, “STOP IT! BACK OFF!” once they feel threatened. But, they are taught ways to break out if someone grabs their shirt, etc. And, when they do use self-defense to break out, the teachers remind them, “Back away from the trouble!” Last week, half the class had to be “bullies”, and the other half huddled with the teacher to be “prepped.” The “bullies” walked up to their partner and said something not nice, and the other kids were prepared to say something. Everyone ended up laughing. I truly feel lucky to have found this program. They even had a game where they had to learn to introduce themselves to someone new. Is it a martial arts class, or a social skills class? I feel like it’s both. Not only are they learning self-defense, but they are having so much fun in the class and making new friends. What really put this program over the top for me, was their student creed, which they recite as a class, like the Pledge of Allegiance. “I believe in myself. I am confident. I can accomplish my goals. I believe in what I study. I am disciplined. I am ready to learn and advance. I believe in my teachers. I show respect to all who help me progress.” I could go on and on about why I love this program. But, here is the website for you to check out. The place is called Newbury Park Martial Arts Center (it’s near Amgen). Be sure to check out the Student Creed, and the 14 point Code for Powerful Living.